Saturday, September 27, 2014

last week

Last week I marked a huge event off of my bucket list. I got to see Garth Brooks play at Phillips Arena in Atlanta. It was literally my childhood dream come true.
"rear stage" doesn't seem appealing...until you are at a Garth Brooks concert.
props to Garth for the round stage and playing to all sides of the arena all night.

One of the best moments of the show was when Trisha came on mid-show to sing a few songs and seeing Garth step back into the shadows and watch her. He could have easily stayed in the lights and been a part of her set but he didn't. It was lovely to see the way he looks at her. 

"If you like her and don't know her, you'll love her. If you love her and don't know her you're gonna worship her-she's the real deal"
-Garth Brooks (on Trisha Yearwood)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Hello friends. 
I apologize for the inconsistency of my blog lately. Life has kept me quite busy.
(Also, it is highly possible I have been spending the free time that I do have playing minecraft with E.)

I am much more comfortable behind the camera lens. I hate being in front of the camera. I can't stay still or keep a serious face when someone tries to photograph me. Thankfully, my friend Josh pushed through my awkward nature and captured a few shots of me and E. Josh has been pretty rockin' lately..(more on that next blog post.)

Train track pics are cheesy, but a good kind of cheesy 
This would be one of the many shots of me failing at seriousness.
Josh made us stop at this spot. It turned out to be a perfect shot. 
(We were discussing if it would hurt to fall over the edge and roll down the hill)

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Luna Stache.

Back in May, we introduced you to Luna. She was so tiny and delicate when we first brought her home. A few months later, Miss Luna is growing like a weed and has become quite fearless.

This was Luna when we first brought her home. We gave her a bath and let Joey, our Boston Terrier, get to know her. He had never been around cats so it was a great relief when he loved her as much as we did.

Don't let her sweet face fool you though, she gets into plenty of mischief.
The times when she wants to cuddle & is the sweetest cat in the world absolutely makes up for the mischief.

"A happy arrangement: many people prefer cats to other people, and many cats prefer people to other cats."
-Mason Cooley

Thursday, September 4, 2014


Whoa, is it Thursday again already?  Time flies. 
Let us catch up!!

E cut his hair & he is totally adorable.

I cut my hair too! 

I've been listening to A LOT of Ed Sheeran lately. I posted before about how much I love his voice, but I've had Afire Love and Thinking Out Loud on repeat for days. Ed has a way with delivering lyrics that is breathtaking. 

I don't want to admit to anyone that I laughed really, really hard at a buzzfeed article..
but....(I will not admit how many of these I am guilty of)
25 Things All Basic White Girls Do During The Fall

OH! I get married in TWO months! eeeeeek!


"You may delay, but time will not."
-Benjamin Franklin