Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Hello friends. 
I apologize for the inconsistency of my blog lately. Life has kept me quite busy.
(Also, it is highly possible I have been spending the free time that I do have playing minecraft with E.)

I am much more comfortable behind the camera lens. I hate being in front of the camera. I can't stay still or keep a serious face when someone tries to photograph me. Thankfully, my friend Josh pushed through my awkward nature and captured a few shots of me and E. Josh has been pretty rockin' lately..(more on that next blog post.)

Train track pics are cheesy, but a good kind of cheesy 
This would be one of the many shots of me failing at seriousness.
Josh made us stop at this spot. It turned out to be a perfect shot. 
(We were discussing if it would hurt to fall over the edge and roll down the hill)

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