Monday, October 6, 2014


1. Fall is finally in the air! yay!!!!
2. I have been exploring different adventures in cooking. We recently got our first crock-pot.  ( I know, I know-*gasp*) This means that I have made our first roast and potatoes! I added half an onion and some Mrs.Dash season to it. I was worried if it would even taste good but it turned out delicious. Another adventure is the chicken and dumplings I cooked tonight.  I used the Pillsbury biscuit recipe. I tweaked it a little, I cooked two chicken breasts and used that broth instead of buying canned broth. I also omitted the celery and carrots bc E doesn't eat them. I was really surprised and impressed by how tasty they are! (it helps that I prefer doughy dumplings)

3.Wedding prep. I am horrible at it. Thankfully, my mom is making me do things.
4.Have you ever wondered what happens if you wear metal in a MRI? Watch here!!
5.Eric & I took Emma to the museum this weekend. She had a blast.

6.Our cat is testing my sanity. She seems to be getting into everything lately. She looks so sweet and innocent. I am hoping she just has a bit more kitten to get out of her and will be calming down a bit. 

7.All day long I was at working thinking about how badly I need to clean...and then I came home...and didn't clean a thing...
8. Today my eye has been twitching. Of course I googled causes of eye twitching and quickly decided I am not an optometrist and need to leave google alone.
9. Emma often steals E's hat. She is too cute. 
10. I get into moods where I am absolutely motivated and inspired and times where I loose it all. Right now I have to admit that I am in a creative slump. I am hoping this weather will bring my creative spirit back into the light.  

"The most important thing is to enjoy your life - to be happy - it's all that matters."
-Audrey Hepburn

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