Friday, May 23, 2014


Ten years ago, this very week, I graduated high school. 
Man, oh man! The things you learn in ten years.
This is the letter the 28 year old Melissa writes to the 18 year old Melissa.

Dear Melissa, 

High school is not the best years of your life. Sure, they are fun, but the best are yet to come. Anyone who tells you otherwise peaked in life early don't want to be that person. All the hours you put in after school with Mr.Southwell will make you appreciate how much he actually did care and want you to pass. [He wasn't the 'worst teacher ever' that you made him out to be] He will actually be one of the teachers you remember the most. 

You will still love Dashboard Confessional and Taking Back Sunday. You will giggle at how much you once liked Sum 41 and Simple Plan. You will still love giving/receiving mix-tapes. Music will still be your escape.

You never know when you will say good-bye to someone for the last time. Make sure you thank Danny for the car he gives you. In fact, make  sure you tell him thank you for everything.

Phones will come a LONG way in the next ten years. I know you think you are really cool right now with your Nokia...just wait. You will also become overly attached to your phone and have even make it a point to set up "phone-less dates". Seems crazy, right? You should invest stock in Apple. 

You will find your soul mate. No, his name is not Johnny Depp. You'll even get married. Speaking of, your brother gets married too. [and gives you the most awesome niece anyone could ask for]

Stay in shape, it is hard to get back in shape. The days when you rarely ate meat and went walking/hiking regularly are things that you will miss. It takes a lot of hard work to be able to do those things again once you stop. 

You are weird, but that makes Don't worry or care when people don't understand you. You will find the right ones who do. They will be the ones who matter.Continue to be kind. Continue to trust your gut, it is usually right. 

You turn out okay after all, kidd-o.

The older and wiser Melissa.  

 I leave you with my actual senior quote...
"Knowledge speaksbut wisdom listens." 
― Jimi Hendrix

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