Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Aftermath.

Early Tuesday morning our phone's went off with a severe weather alert and to take shelter immediately. E & I both jumped up. Our phone's have never gone off like this before,this was serious. The first thing I did was text my mom to see if she was up. She texted me back "Yea what are you doing up" I texted her back and she didn't respond. Four minutes later she called to let me know she was okay but was unable to tell much else (it was still dark outside and the power was out)  An EF-3 Tornado had just swept through her yard moments after she read my text. I live twenty minutes from my mom. E & I put on our clothes and headed out her way. We left at 5:50am and once we got closer, we realized every way out to her house was blocked. It is a horrible feeling knowing that this just happened and you can't get to your family. Two hours later, there was one road to her house open and we finally got out to her house.We were in disbelief at what we saw. These picture are all of her yard.

This was a horrible morning, but I need to take a second to brag about how amazing people can be. A huge tree fell across and blocked my mother's driveway. We knew this was the task we had to take on that day. We drove to town to get supplies (chainsaw, chain oil, 2-cycle oil & gas) and a few sandwiches for lunch. When we got back to her house, a truck was pulling in the driveway. It was a couple who lived down the street (who we had never met). They said that they were untouched by the tornado but knew a lot of people on the street had been and they wanted to help. They had brought a chainsaw and asked if it was okay if they helped us get this tree out of the way. No lie, not even five minutes later three more people pulled up to help cut up and remove the tree from the driveway.

                                                    tree that was blocking the driveway

I will never be able to thank these kind people enough.Thank you kind helpers and to everyone who checked in on us throughout the week, it means more to us than you know. 

"When I was a boy and I saw scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, Look for helpers, you will always find people helping" 
-Fred Rogers

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    My God, I'm watching at these photos....nature could really be destructive....