Tuesday, May 5, 2015


I'm back!
[I can never stay away from blogging for long]

So, here is a random jumble of what is going on with me lately...

I update the look of the blog a bit. I like it....but I am a tad biased. 

The spring is such an inspiring time for me. I thrive on cool summer nights mixed with whatever music I find myself in the mood for at the time. This week I have been listening to a lot of Brand New and Taking Back Sunday. It is oddly comforting to be just as in love with these bands as I was years ago. 

I've been missing Tennessee lately.
TN will forever serve as my home away from home. 
[November 2014- smokey mountain national park]

In other semi-interesting news, I cleaned up my facebook. I went from 300+ friends down to a solid 186. I choose to hit the unfriend button on people that I do not interact with. It is highly liberating to decide you want to share everything with a select few. [ironic statement seeing as how I have no problem sharing my stories with anyone on this blog] 

I started staying up late again and sleeping in [well, sleeping in when I can]. Creativity flows better on the computer more freely at 1am. Long live coffe, youtube, and blogging! 


"In Tennessee where I grew up, there were animals, farms, wagons, mules."
-Tina Turner

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