Tuesday, April 22, 2014

TN, Hits, Misses and Other Things.

Last week I took a few days off and headed to The Cumberland Mountains. I have family tucked away in the tiny town of Crossville, Tennessee. It was really nice to get away with my Mom, Pat (my mom's best friend), and Emma. 

Emma & Crossville's Otter.

At The Depot in Crossville.
 Mimi & Emma playing at Cracker Barrel.
Tiny Dancer
Mimi, Mel & Emma


  • Exercise. I've been walking up a storm. The weather is still nice enough to get out and adventure at lunch.
  • Organizing. I made a to-do list. Each night I have been able to cross a few things off. It is such a good feeling!


  • Soda. I've had soda the past two weeks. A LOT of soda. I was just bragging on myself and now I've relapsed. Keeping away from soda, the struggle is real
  • Diet. Vacation + Easter=food, food and more food. 
  • Blogging. I realize my past few posts have been short and far between. I am working on fixing this, I promise.

Other Things

  • Snail Mail. What ever happened to it? I miss getting snail mail. Legit snail mail. Bills and the abundance of credit card solicits don't count. I need a pen pal.
  • Movies. Melly's Netflix recommendations this week: Hick & Electrick Children.


"Listen to advice, but follow your heart."

-Conway Twitty

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